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Define. Design. Discover.

Person-centered tools and programs that put individuals and families at the heart of the organizations that serve them.

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Planning the Possibilities Together

LifeCourseOnline (LCO) is a person-centered planning program and platform that works towards better lives for people with intellectual disabilities. Our program is designed to empower participants to define their own life course and strengthen ties to their support networks, their communities, and the organizations that serve them.

Our Program

LCO programs are a guided experience in personal exploration and community building. Program participants work with planning experts to define their good life, design a person-centered plan, and discover what it takes to make that plan a reality. 


Our LifeCoach Training

We work closely with organizations looking to modernize their person-centered plans and services. We provide your staff with platform and program training and ongoing implementation support.


Our Platform

Explore a secure online platform that offers interactive planning tools to help you problem-solve. You can easily invite friends and family to join you, collaborating with your paid and natural support networks. Enjoy the convenience of having everything you need to coordinate day-to-day care in one place.


"[My son] began taking ownership for developing his 'Good Life' and I believe it's because while the content was functional, it offered those visual components and prompts/questions to guide us through."

Stacey, Family Caregiver

What Our Users Are Saying

Meet With Our Team to Learn More

Our team offers free program consultations and demos for those interested in learning more about our platform and program. 

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