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Vision and Mission

A world where everyone gets to define their own life.

We provide person-centered tools and programs that put individuals and families at the heart of the communities and organizations that serve them — creating better outcomes and better lives.

Our Core Values


We should have access to the information we need to make the right decisions for ourselves, our families, and our communities.


People with supported living needs have a right to experience integration & meaningful participation in their communities.


Everyone deserves dignity of choice, dignity of risk, and the opportunity to define their good life.


Systems and services should be efficient and responsive to the needs of the people they serve and should always be looking to better themselves.


With strength and intention, we can reach our goals, influence progress, and make a lasting on our lives and on the world.

LifeCourseOnline is a product of Sonderbloom

Sonderbloom, the parent company of LifeCourseOnline (LCO), has a mission to maximize the independence, choice, and inclusion of vulnerable individuals in their communities.

Since 2013, Sonderbloom has worked closely with government, social services, education, and health organizations to deliver on research priorities, design and implement new services, and develop socially inclusive housing options. Sonderbloom leveraged the team's combined experience in social services and research to create LCO so people with developmental disabilities can see their plans turned into reality.

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Why We Created LCO

Through the thoughtful platform and program design, LCO works to bridge the gap between individuals, their supports, and their communities to maximize their independence, choice, and inclusion.

In many ways, LifeCourseOnline is the realization of Sonderbloom’s goal of helping vulnerable individuals live full, meaningful lives. But, since its launch, it has evolved to become many more things — a communication platform, a planning tool, a program, a community — for people with supported living needs and the agencies that support them.

To learn more, check out this article on 'Why We Created LCO'

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