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Plan the Possibilities with the LCO Platform 

Our platform is a secure online application that encourages collaboration between paid and natural support networks. By providing user-friendly tools in an accessible online space, LCO puts person-centered plans back into the hands of the people they were designed to support.

Plans Designed to Be Put Into Action

LCO provides user-friendly planning tools that will help you define your vision, design your plan, and then discover what it takes to make that plan a reality. 


Coordinate your calendar and share important documents as you collaborate with your LifeCourse team. 


Collaborate on Caring

With LCO, paid and natural supporters can collaborate in one space.


Through our online platform, you can share your plan, tag supporters for help, work together towards goals, and more.


No More One Off Plans

Your entire plan can live and grow on LCO. Our holistic approach to planning and collaboration ensures you are prepared for today and tomorrow.

Share your plan by printing tools, downloading your schedule, or inviting team members.

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Discover Trends and Insights

LCO allows you to track feedback and outcomes in one place. You can even connect your Fitbit to LCO for easy monitoring. We also provide detailed reporting for organizations.

For Individuals
and Family Caregivers

30 minute one-on-one with a specialist to introduce you to the to LifeCourseOnline platform, supports, and resources.

For Organizations and
Professional Caregivers

A 60 minute one-on-one session to learn about the LCO platform, tools, and functions. Ideal for those looking to further their person-centered services.


Want to Learn More?

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