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4 Influential People with Disabilities you Need to Follow

Social media has become a wonderful way to learn about other people’s experiences and build new communities, especially for people with disabilities. By exploring online, we can all share educational messages and connect with amazing individuals who are making a difference all around the world. You can follow these four influential people to get motivated, learn new things, and help them with their causes!

1) Molly Burke

Molly Burke is a blind content creator, model, speaker, author, and advocate. At the age of 14, she lost most of her sight due to a rare disease. Through her platform, Molly raises awareness about disability rights, accessibility, and mental health. She also shares her personal experiences as a blind person, giving others a glimpse into her world.

In 2019, Molly shares her empowering story in a memoir audiobook, "It's Not What It Looks Like".

Her message is one of positivity, self-acceptance and overcoming obstacles. You can join Molly’s online community by following @mollyburkeofficial.

2) Spencer West

Spencer West is a motivational speaker and activist, who travels around the world to share his story. Spencer lost both his legs due to a genetic disease, but he hasn’t let that hold him back. On social media, Spencer shares his experiences as an amputee, educates others about accessibility, and advocates for disabled members of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

If you're looking for an amazing read, his autobiography, "Standing Tall: My Journey," is one you should definitely check out. It will leave you ready to overcome any challenge that comes your way.

Spencer's positive attitude and determination have the power to uplift anyone. You can follow him on most social media platforms by searching @spencer2thewest.

3) Jade Kingdom

Meet Jade Kingdom, an amazing triathlete! She has earned a Guinness World Record for being the first woman with Down syndrome to finish a sprint triathlon. Jade takes on amazing challenges to raise money for a charity, North Devon Hospice. This charity helps people and their families who are facing serious illnesses.

You can follow Jade’s journey and support this amazing organization by following @triathlonjade. Support Jade and witness the incredible power of determination and giving back!

4) Zach Anner

Zach Anner is an author, public speaker, host, comedian, and writer with cerebral palsy. He uses his platform to teach people about his disability and advocate for disability representation and rights.

His book “If at Birth You Don't Succeed: My Adventures with Disaster and Destiny" is an empowering and humorous read. Zach shares more about his life with cerebral palsy and his journey to becoming a comedian, writer, YouTube personality and more!

Follow Zach to learn about cerebral palsy, support disability rights, and enjoy the humor and positivity he brings to the online community. You can find him by searching for “Zach Anner”.

These are only a handful of the many influential people with disabilities who are making a difference in the world and sharing their stories on social media. By supporting them, we can work towards building a world that embraces and uplifts everyone.

Who would you recommend following? Contact us through our website or social media accounts to let us know!


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