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Discover Our Program

With the help of progressive organizations throughout North America, we are reinventing traditional person-centered planning.
Our program connects expert planning with accessible online tools, remote technology, and result-driven insights.


The LCO Program Experience

Program Participants receive:

Expert Life Planning

LCO equips families with experts and professional planning tools so they have everything they need to design a dynamic person-centered plan.

Innovative Technology

LCO provides a secure online platform that encourages collaboration between support networks in planning and care coordination.

Holistic Support

LCO connects individuals, natural supports, organizations, and developmental services professionals with custom plans and smart insights.

Accessible Planning Tools 

The LCO platform is the secret ingredient that puts participants and families at the forefront of this program. 


Participants can explore and problem-solve using interactive planning tools and can invite friends and family to engage with their plan and coordinate day-to-day care.

You May be Eligible to Participate in a Program Near You!

If you're an individual or family member wanting to join an LCO program, get in touch! We offer programs in several provinces and states, and you may be eligible for a program near you. 

LCO for Organizations

We help organizations identify needs and achieve better outcomes. With LCO, you get the tools you need to power and measure your person-centered services, along with support from our team in training, implementation, and beyond. 

Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 14.59.39.png

Provide your staff with the planning tools they need to provide person-centered services effectively.

Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 14.57.56.png

View feedback, progress data, and outcomes in one place so you can make better decisions for staff and those you serve. 


Collaborate with families and other service providers to create a seamless experience for those you serve.


Access LCO's dedicated training & implementation team. We work with organizations to make sure LCO works for you.

The LifeCourseOnline Team is a wonderful group! They made the training enjoyable and valued our questions and opinions.

Katie, Asppire


While the LCO Program comes equipped with foundational program guides and tools, we understand that a program like this needs to reflect your organization. 

We work closely with you to design a program curriculum and training schedule that suits your organization's team and values.


We provide comprehensive LifeCoach training for your organization's staff so they are equipped to support participants through the program.


Our workshops include technical training on the LCO platform and training on best practices for planning session facilitation.


And it doesn't stop after you launch. We provide ongoing program implementation support. You will be assigned an implementation manager and


We'll also provide you with libraries of promotional and educational materials for your program participants.

How We Support Your Team

Meet with our team to learn more.

We offer free consultations for organizations interested in learning more about our programs. This is where we get to learn more about your processes and recommend a program package based on your needs.

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