“I make a difference in the lives of the people I support.”...

...This was overwhelmingly the top answer given by direct support professionals in a 2020 US study* when asked what they enjoy most about their work. In that same study, over 50% of DSPs reported that the COVID-19 pandemic has made their job significantly harder. The past several years have seen increasing workloads and demand for digital service delivery impact the landscape of professional caregiving.  

Keep reading to learn how LifeCourseOnline can help you and your team adapt to these changes while achieving better outcomes for your clients.

*(NAC, 2020. Caregiving in the U.S.)

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“How do we respond to demand for remote supports and services?”

One of the biggest challenges facing service coordination, planning, and caregiving agencies today is adapting existing processes for digital delivery without sacrificing personal feel and communication. LifeCourseOnline is designed to bridge the gap between professional and natural supports by offering an accessible and user-friendly space where staff and families can collaborate.

Take part in or lead your client’s person-centered planning session, use the map resource and support star to build community connections and educate on resources, use the scheduling feature to suggest and schedule services and more.

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"We can't improve our processes without the right data."

LifeCourseOnline securely houses data on plans and outcomes and presents it in an easy-to-understand way for both staff and clients. The information you gather as you help your clients plan for and live their ‘good life’ can be used to inform everything from person-centered planning practices to staffing and service offerings.


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