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Everyone deserves a chance to find meaningful employment. Finding long-term, meaningful employment can help someone learn new skills, become more independent, get to know their community, and more.

Discover resources and video courses for employers, job developers, family members, and individuals at any stage of your employment journey.

Create your employment plan today!

LCOworks Masterclass

The current employment system and workplace attitude doesn't work for everyone. A huge percentage of the population is left out by the current model, which not only does a disservice to a portion of our communities, but also robs employers of the opportunity to work with incredible employees and colleagues.

This course covers the dilemmas with the current model, what needs to change, and how a better future is possible for everyone.

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Making Employment Work from a Transactional to a Consultative Selling Practice

The first chapter explains why jobseekers with developmental disabilities with higher employment barriers are left behind by the current system and offers a new strategy that moves from a transactional approach focused on supply (available jobs) to a consultative selling model that explores demand (jobs needed by employers) through third party representation.


Voices From Experience: A Case for Change

Listen to intimate conversations with self-advocates, family members, and job developers offer a first-person perspective on how the current system has failed to address the needs of job seekers with higher employment barriers. Their experiences make a case for a systemic transformation.


Strategies Towards A Consultative Model: Agencies

This chapter highlights current agency strategies based on the consultive selling model with third-party representation.  These will inspire other agencies looking to improve outcomes for job seekers with higher employment barriers.


Strategies Towards A Consultative Model: Employers

This final chapter in our Masterclass course highlights employers working to transform their hiring practices to move towards an inclusive and diverse workforce. We follow self-advocates currently employed across various industries and managers as they implement long-term sustainable work for people with developmental disabilities with higher employment barriers.

LCOworks for Job Seekers

Everyone deserves a chance to find meaningful employment. Finding long-term, meaningful employment can help someone learn new skills, become more independent, get to know their community, and more.

No matter what your goal is for finding employment, LCOworks can help you reach your goal.



Resumes: Show Off Your Skills

A resume should show off everything that makes you a great potential employee. Follow this chapter to start making your resume.


Interviews: Making a Great Impression

In this lesson, we talk about everything you need to know when getting ready for an interview. This chapter will share what steps you can follow to make sure you ace your interview. 


Advocacy: Knowing Your Rights

Being able to stand up for yourself and your needs is very important in the workplace, but it can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start.

In this lesson, we have 3 steps to help you become a self-advocate. 

Webinar Series

Throughout January and February of 2023, FSNE and LifeCourseOnline hosted a series of live webinars online. We were thrilled to offer a chance for jobseekers, family members, agency professionals, and experts to share their experiences and continue the conversation from the LCOworks Masterclass.

The full webinar series is available here, on LCOworks, as well as on Facebook and Youtube.

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Featuring special guest Q&A with Ines de Escallon and Professor Mackenzie Ketchell.

The Right Support Makes A Difference | A Self Advocate Perspective

Featuring special guest Q&A with Keenon Wellar and Laura Lobay.

Shaking Up Ottawa's Job Market | A Conversation with LiveWorkPlay
A Guide to Third Party Support | Agelic Leaders Discuss What Families Need

Featuring special guest Q&A with Tracy Hoskins, Justine Primeau, and Mike Walker

Resources for Families

These resources will give you the tools you need to support your loved one at any stage of their employment journey. Find handouts and information on what can be done by families during the early years, school years and post-school years by stakeholders to make the journey towards employment more successful.



Information for Family Members

The current employment system can be frustrating and difficult to navigate.

We've created bonus info handouts to help share information, advice, and tips to help you and your loved ones on their journey to finding meaningful employment.

Download the handouts below to share, save, or keep with you whenever you need them.


Employment Action Cards

Explore key concepts, practical advice, and helpful hints when securing meaningful employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities with these Employment Action Cards!


Use them in presentations, for advocacy, or share with someone on their employment journey.


LCO for Employment Planning

Employment planning isn't just about finding the a job, it's about finding the right job or career path for you.

Use the LCO life planning tools to discover what you need from a job and find out what kind of job will help you thrive. Next, you'll learn how to use the LCO platform to put your personalized plan into action.

The content, resources and courses above were created by FSNE and LifeCourseOnline.

We are proud to be partnering with the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training, and Skills Development to create the LCOworks course.

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