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Over 15% of people identify as having some form of disability...

...and yet we consistently leave people with supported living needs out of conversations on diversity and inclusion and too often fail to give them a say in the course of their own life.

Do you have supported living needs? Keep reading to learn about how LifeCourseOnline can help you raise your voice, achieve your goals, and advocate for support within your community.

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“How do I know that my voice is being heard?”

Before we can jump into coordinating care, services, and supports, we need to create a plan that represents what you want out of life. Your LifeCourseOnline experience begins with a ‘LifeCourse Charting Session’ where you’ll define your vision and create a plan for how you’re going to achieve it with the help of your team. Your plan is available and easy to reference through your dashboard so that, even in the chaos of coordinating daily life and care, your vision and what you want out of life is always at the forefront of everything you do. 

Your plan is accessible, editable, and easy to use, so you can have an active role in planning and ensure that your plan stays relevant to you.

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“I don’t know how to ask for help.”

Invite people in your network of support to join your care team so you can tag them in goals and events to support you in your good life. Connect with team members directly on your dashboard and access built-in tools that help you advocate for support, like the ‘Raise your Hand’ feature.

Your LifeCourse Charting Session also includes sections on citizenship and advocacy, exercises to map out and plan for supports, and supported decision-making exercises so you can communicate your needs while learning about and working towards self-determination.

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“Why aren’t I achieving my goals?”

LifeCourseOnline includes problem-solving and review tools to ensure that the obstacles you face while pursuing your good life are learning points (not stopping points). Set ‘review dates’ for when you want LifeCourseOnline to remind you and your team members to reflect on your experiences. These are valuable moments where you can openly communicate with your team on what’s working for you and what isn’t.

If you’re still getting stuck, that’s exactly what our support hub is for. Make sure to take advantage of our support team, resources, and events so we can help make your LifeCourseOnline experience as positive and educational as possible!

Our Person-Centered Approach

LifeCourseOnline is based on the Charting the LifeCourse Framework, developed by the Institute for Human Development at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC). The framework is built around the core belief that “All people have the right to live, love, work, play, and pursue their life aspirations.”

Watch the video to hear Sheli Reynolds, the founder of the Charting the LifeCourse Framework, share her thoughts on LifeCourseOnline.

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