Why LifeCourseOnline?

When you have supported-living needs, it can be overwhelming to organize existing supports to accomplish day-to-day tasks, let alone worry about planning for the future.

LifeCourseOnline was created so that individuals and the people who support them could collaborate to define a support plan, work towards that plan, and coordinate day-to-day caregiving in one accessible platform.


Sign Up

Sign up for LifeCourseOnline on behalf of yourself or on behalf of someone you support. If you are supported by an organization who has made LifeCourseOnline available to you, you may have received an organization code that you can use to gain access to LifeCourseOnline.


Build Your LifeCourse Team

Grant dashboard access to your entire network of support so they can help you pursue your good life. Collaborate with family, friends and professionals using customizable permission levels to control each team member’s level of access.


Create a Plan

Your LifeCourse Charting Session is a guided planning session full of exercises to help you define a vision, identify barriers, map out supports, create goals and more. Plan within 6 life domains including community living, citizenships and advocacy, and daily life and employment. 

Return to your LifeCourse Charting Session at any time to make updates as you learn and keep your planning growing with you.


Meet on Your Dashboard

Meet your team members on your dashboard, where you’ll have the tools you need to make your plan a reality. Schedule events on your shared calendar, create and track goals, request support when you’re in need. Set reminders for you and your team to be notified to reflect on your experiences, and communicate with team members directly on your dashboard.

LifeCourseOnline houses your plan, details on how to best support you, team member details, and important documents all in one secure online space.

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And it doesn't end there....

Your LifeCourseOnline membership comes with access to our LCO Support Hub.

Reach out to our team for support, take part in our community forum, access helpful videos and articles, and register for support events so we can help make your LifeCourseOnline experience as positive and educational as possible!

Start Charting Your LifeCourse Today

Let LifeCourseOnline help you discover what it takes to live your good life.