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LifeCourse Charting Session

When you first sign up for LifeCourseOnline, you’ll be guided through your LifeCourse Charting Session, a series of exercises designed to help you discover what it looks like to live your good life.

You’ll build your LifeCourse team, define your vision, and identify the supports you need to take your next steps in life. LifeCourseOnline will then use these exercises to customize your account and will even create a series of resources that you and your team can access from your dashboard.

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Your LifeCourse Dashboard

Once you've completed your LifeCourse Charting Session, you and your team will gain access to your LifeCourse Dashboard. It's here that you'll find everything you need to keep up with your goals, build a routine, and connect with your network of support on a daily basis.

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Start Charting Your LifeCourse Today

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