Why LifeCourseOnline?

When you have supported-living needs, it can be overwhelming to organize existing supports to accomplish day to day tasks, let alone worry about planning for the future. LifeCourseOnline was created so individuals and the people who support them could collaborate to define a person-centred plan and work towards that plan in one secure, accessible application.

LifeCourseOnline is designed to encourage and enhance independence skills, decision making skills, and the ability to advocate for supports. It's a space for you to grow, explore, and more easily connect with your network of support. Most importantly, it invites you to keep having conversations about the bigger picture. What does it look like to live your good life?

So What's a 'Good Life'?

In LifeCourseOnline, we often talk about your 'good life,' a life full of the unique experiences and connections that make you happy.

Everyone's good life looks different and that's why LifeCourseOnline is designed to help you develop a vision for your good life, and support you working toward that vision on a daily basis.


LifeCourse Nexus

LIfeCourseOnline is based on the 'Charting the LifeCourse Framework', a collaboration between the University of Missouri - Kansas City Institute for Human Development and various national and statewide stakeholders.

Driven by the quest to answer the question, “what do families need to know to support their family member with a disability across the lifespan?”, the framework has now evolved into a transformative human-centric movement impacting policies and practices across the U.S.

Visit their website to find more on the Charting the LifeCourse Framework, vision, tools and a library of resources.

Start Charting Your LifeCourse Today

Let LifeCourseOnline help you discover what it takes to live your good life.